Other Sites & Resources

Here a a few other resources you might find useful, whether you are a local brewer, a beer lover, or just someone that received a bottle of our beer and want to enjoy it the best possible way.

Lake Arrowhead Brewfest  (Website) (Facebook page)
Quite possibly the best brewfest in Southern California, this event is unique in that it is co-coordinated by our local Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit, which allows us to introduce homebrew into the event in large scale.  If you only make it to one brewfest this year, this should be the one!  

Mountain Brew Club  (Website) (Facebook page)
Founded in 2010, the Mountain Brew Club is based in the greater Lake Arrowhead area and is the driving force behind the Lake Arrowhead Brewfest.  Live in the mountains?  Brew beer?  Become a member today!

How to Pour Homebrew  (webpage)
Are you the lucky recipient of a bottle of homebrew from the boys at Mad Cat or any other home brewer? Good!  Pouring that luscious brew is a little different than pouring a grocery store beer though.  Let us tell you how so you get the most enjoyment out of that beer possible.

Our Sources  (webpage)
For those of you local to the Inland Empire area, this page lists the companies that we have found to be reliable and friendly in supplying what we need to brew.  We hope you find something useful on this page, as we are firm believers in supporting local businesses.

Competitions (webpage)
Are you a homebrewer?  Think you make some pretty great stuff, or just want some feedback from experienced people?  Consider entering homebrew competitions. The page tells a little bit about the process, and has a link to a list of competitions. The list is by no means exhaustive though. Always check with your local breweries, homebrew clubs, and state/county fairs to see if they host competitions as well.