Our Beers

Following are descriptions of the beers we produce regularly.  If you received bottles of beer from us without a label, please check out the Our Batches page to see what kind of beer is in each bottle.

Big Cat Barleywine:  (still in development)  This big ol' fat cat of a beer is designed to be heavy, sweet, and perfectly capable of knocking you on your rear.  Weighing in at over 12% ABV, this amber barleywine should be poured lightly chilled, in very small glasses, and sipped.  Want a full pint? Go for it... and give us a call, we want to come watch.
12.6% ABV, 87 IBU, Cap Code: BC

Cat's Eye Amber: Bred to be a relaxed, easy drinking amber ale, this beer offers floral and citrus notes with just enough bitterness to hold your attention.  Like the drooping golden eyes of a cat in a sunbeam, this is the perfect way to relax on a sunny Fall afternoon.
6% ABV, 29 IBU, Cap Code: CE

Chaos Cat Black IPA:  Ready for a departure from the sticky sweet dark beers served in taverns everywhere?  This black IPA will definitely bite you and get your attention.  Five different varies of hops, added at five different stages, including a heavy addition of three different hops added in a dry-hop stage, create a heavy presence of spice tastes and floral aromas.  Don't let the high IBU level scare you off though... most of the hops are in flavor and aroma instead of bitterness, leaving room for the roastiness of the grains and the smoke of charred oak to take center stage.
6.7% ABV, 91 IBU, Cap Code: CC

Chartreux French Saison: Named after one of only two truly French breeds, this Saison ale is equally unique. Weighing in at a moderate alcohol level, this cloudy light straw colored beer tease between sweet and dry, Belgiany and herby, sippable yet crisp enough to be refreshing. 
7.4% ABV, 27 IBU, Cap Code: CS
Awards: Third Place at 2017 San Bernardino County Fair
                3rd Place 2018 Beer Me Brew Cup

Farmyard Cat Belgian Saison: Sweet and very smooth with hints of clove and banana. This true to style farmhouse ale is easy drinking but can sneak up on you like a farmyard cat on a mouse if you aren't careful.
Awards: Gold at National Orange Show Brewfest 2016 Homebrew Competition
6.3% ABV, 18 IBU , Cap Code: FC

Hiss & Spit IPA:  This very straightforward IPA is clean and easy drinking.  With only 13 pounds of grain forming a light base, the five additions of hops (Columbus, Simcoe and Centennial) create an attention getting bitterness, balanced flavor, and a pleasant aroma.  What exactly is that great smell?  Ask us, as we are playing with different hops for the dry-hop stage to find just the perfect addition.
7.4% ABV, 112 IBU, Cap Code: HS

Orange Tabby Wheat:  Brewed seasonally when we can get fresh-picked California blood oranges, this refreshing hefeweizen is as bright and cheerful as a fat orange tabby cat. Fourteen blood oranges are cut up and left in the fermenting wort for weeks, drawing out a vivid orange color and layers of light flavor.  We are happy to add this beer to our litter of summertime ales.  Enjoy one on the dock, beach, deck or while tailgating.  
Awards:  Silver at National Orange Show 2016 Homebrew Competition
5% ABV, 11 IBU, Cap Code: OT

Scratching Post Imperial Vanilla Porter:  The most recent addition to our clowder, this big porter is brewed from 20 pounds of grain, all built on a foundation of english maris otter barley for a clean, smooth flavor.  Munich, chocolate, brown and crystal malts give this porter its robust flavor, while small additions of magnum and goldings hops keep the maltiness in check.  The wort is finished off with charred oak cubes and split vanilla beans for a distinctive flavor.  At 9%abv and finished with four split vanilla beans, this big strong porter is as smooth as a black cat slinking along a fence at night.
Awards: Gold at Hangar 24 2015 Homebrew Competition
              Silver at Hangar 24 2016 Homebrew Competition
              Gold at Pacific Brewers Cup 2016 Competition
              3rd Place in Category, 2016 Sam Adams Longshot Competition
              Bronze at 2017 California State Fair
              Bronze at 2017 Orange County Fair
              3rd Place, 2018 National Homebrew Competition (regional)
10% ABV, 40 IBU, Cap Code: SP

Sprawled on the Bed Red:  Generous additions of crystal and honey malts give this red a rich flavor with hints of caramel.  Fermentation with California ale yeast insures the sweetness to compliment the flavors remains.  This isn't your ancestor's dry Irish red.
Awards: 3rd Place, 2018 California State Fair
5% ABV, 25 IBU, Cap Code: SB

Sunbeam Session: Nothing is more satisfying than a nap in a sunbeam! Even us lazy cats need refreshment though. We've brewed this beer to be low in alcohol yet flavorful and interesting. Take this with you where ever you expect to find a sunbeam... picnics, backyard BBQs, the lake or the beach.
4.5% ABV, 25 IBU, Cap Code: SS

Sweet Madeline (Bourbon Oak) Stout:  This beer was the deciding factor as to whether Mad Cat was going to make the jump to all-grain brewing or not.  Despite the challenges we had with extract, this incredible stout was too important to leave behind if we could not convert the recipe well.  Thanks to the guys at Skyland Aleworks in Corona, we were able to convert it flawlessly.  Sipping this dark, clear beauty, you will find incredibly smooth texture, a hint of smokiness from charred american oak cubes, and the distinct sweetness of Jack Daniels drawn from the oak.  Brewed only with an early addition of very light goldings hops and licorice root for sweetness, this deep, dark ale is definitely for those with a sweet tooth.  Enjoy with chocolate cake, sweet BBQ, or even smores around a campfire.  It will warm you up as much as having Madeline Cat curled up on your lap.
6% ABV, 36 IBU, Cap Code: SM

Zuur Poes    (aka Sour Puss):  Ever reach out, cautiously, to pet a cat that you weren't sure whether would purr friendly, or bite your hand off?  Sometimes you just need a beer that makes you slow down and approach it cautiously too.  That's our goal with Zuur Poes (Dutch for Sour Puss).  Inspired by flanders ales, this is our first foray into brewing a true mixed fermentation wild ale.  Thanks to our friends at Sycamore Valley Ranch Vineyard in Crestline, California,  for providing a 15 gallon wine barrel, we have embarked on the year-long process.  Starting with 15 gallons of a Belgian style Flanders red ale, and flavoring with pounds upon pounds of dark cherries after fermentation, our dark red goodness will then be tucked into its nice cozy barrel for a full year, as a dose of Flemish Ale Blend bacteria goes to work.  We can already tell that waiting so long to find out how it tastes is going to be a major exercise in patience.  But oh what a Christmas present this is going to be in December of 2016!!!
              Bronze at Romancing The Beer 2016 Homebrew Competition
              Silver at 2017 California State Fair
              Second Place at 2017 San Bernardino County Fair
              Fifth Place at 2017 San Diego (Del Mar) County Fair
8% ABV, 18 IBU, Cap Code: ZP

Yet unnamed Citrus Ale
    Bronze at National Orange Show Brewfest 2017 Homebrew Competition

Yet unnamed light IPA
    Silver at National Orange Show Brewfest 2017 Homebrew Competition